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Interview of Jenny and Isabel during the MRS Fall Meeting 29017 in Boston (USA)

International Summit of the MRS University Chapters on “Sustainability and Nanotechnology”

The MRS University Chapter at the University of Cologne organized this event, composed of invited talks, panel discussions and a poster session, which will focus heavily on biomedicine, catalysis, sensors and energy harvesting emphasizing the concept of sustainability and materials criticality.

Welcome at the MRS University Chapter Cologne

MRS University Chapter at a glance

The MRS University Chapter at the University of Cologne is the first international university chapter recognized by both the Materials Research Society (MRS) and European Materials Research Society (E-MRS). Our aim is to foster Materials Science as an interdisciplinary and international field of research at the University of Cologne. Established in 2013 the MRS University Chapter Cologne has established the Materials Science Lecture Series as a regular event with internationally acclaimed speakers. Student Mixers provide a perfect opportunity for undergarduate and graduate students to interact with the invited guests in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, we organize various events throuought the year and participate at the annual meetings of the American and European Materials Research Societies MRS and E-MRS.

All chapter activities are led by graduate and undergraduate students, supported by Faculty Advisors of the Department of Chemistry. If you are interested, join our team today and be part of of the MRS University Chapter Cologne!

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Point of Contact

MRS Chapter President

Isabel Gessner
Ph.D. candidate

Inorganic and Materials Chemistry Group

Greinstr. 6
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
50939 Cologne

Telefon +49-221-470-1986
Fax +49-221-470-4899
E-Mail isabel.gessner(at)uni-koeln.de


MRS Talk Prof. Bruce E. Koel

We thank Prof. Koel for his excellent talk on "Surface Science and Surface Reaction Fundamentals".

Announcement- Prof. Bruce E. Koel


MRS Talk Prof. Gary L. Messing

We thank Prof. Messing for his interesting talk on "Fabrication of Exceptional Ceramics by Regulating Sintering and Grain Growth Processes"

Announcement- Prof. Gary L. Messing

MRS Talk Prof. Kohei Soga

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  • We thank Prof. Soga for his interesting talk on "Optical Bioimaging in OTN Near Infrared – Seeking for Transparency –"

Announcement- Prof. Kohei Soga


MRS Talk Prof. Avner Rothschild

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    We thank Prof. Rothschild for his inspiring talk on "Reflections on rust: Iron Oxide Photoelectrodes for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage"
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Announcement: Prof. Avner Rothschild

MRS Talk Prof. Makio Naito 

We thank Prof. Makio Naito for his interesting talk on "Smart Powder Processing for Advanced Materials".



 @ NANOmed Summer School 2016

The organizing committee welcomes the dean Prof. Schwarz (from left to right): Dr. Kyoung Il Moon, Jennifer Leduc, Prof. Yoon-Boon Hahn, Prof. Günther Schwarz, Prof. Silke Christiansen, Prof. Sanjay Mathur, Dr. Thomas Fischer, Prof. Kwang Ho Kim, Isabel Gessner, Aida Jamil.

The organizing team: „We would like to thank all of our participants, the University of Cologne and our sponsors Horiba, Borçelik, Kitech, Materials Alliance, Materials Research Society and Covestro for their support.

Lab tour through the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Cologne. Materials Science Lecture Series (from left to right): Prof. Sanjay Mathur, Prof. Aldo Boccaccini, Prof. Rajendra Bordia. Dinner at a typical Cologne brewery.

Presentation of the new Fuelcell car. Poster Session with pizza and wine on Thursday evening.

Conference dinner in the old town of Cologne. Rhine river cruise with all participants of the summer school as workshop closing.

MRS Talk Dr. Mariona Coll

We thank Dr. Mariona Coll for her interesting talk on "Chemical Growth Techniques: Preparation of Functional Oxides".

Announcement: Dr. Sohini Kar-Narayan

Announcement: Dr. Mariona Coll

Announcement: Prof. Rajendra Bordia and Prof. Aldo Boccaccini

Announcement: Prof. Yao He

Announcement: Prof. Samuel S. Mao

MRS talk Prof. Karuna Kar Nanda

We thank Prof. Karuna Kar Nanda for his very interesting talk on 'Development of Carbon Nanostructures for Various Applications'.

MRS talk Prof. Suprakas Sinha Ray

We greatly acknowledge Prof. Suprakas Sinha Ray for his contribution of 'Development of Multi-Functional Nanobiocomposites through Reactive Blending' to our MRS Lecture Series.

Announcement: Prof. Suprakas Sinha Ray

Announcement: Prof. Karuna Kar Nanda

Materials Science Lecture- Prof. Josep Ros

We thank Prof. Josep Ros (University Autonoma of Barcelona) for his interesting talk on "Metal oxide nanoparticles for YBCO CSD-MOD nanocomposites"!

Materials Science Lecture Dr. Artur Braun

We thank Dr. Artur Braun (Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics, Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) for his inspiring talk on "Materials Science on electrochemistry with X‐rays, neutrons and electrons ‐ and some light”.



Announcement: Prof. Josep Ros

Announcement: Dr. Artur Braun

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Se-Young Choi

We thank Prof. Dr.-Ing. Se-Young Choi from the Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea, for his contribution on "Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal activities and anti-fouling property of silver and copper ions coated films by sol-gel and ion exchange methods". We are especially enthusiastic about the fact that Prof. Choi gave the whole lecture in German!!!



Announcement: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Se-Young Choi

Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal activities and anti-fouling property of silver and copper ions coated films by sol-gel and ion exchange methods

March 3, 2016
11:00-12:00 am
Seminar Room 414
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Nicola Perry

We thank Dr. Nicola Perry WPI Assistant Professor at the International Institute for Carbon-Neutral
Energy Research, Kyushu University and Research Affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for her interesting talk on "Ceramics that “Breathe”: Oxygen Exchange and Corresponding Chemical Expansion in Mixed Conducting Perovskite Oxides" and her contribution to the Materials Science Lecture Series.

Prof. Dr. Kwang Ho Kim and Prof. Dr. Sang-Wook Han

We thank Prof. Dr. Kwang Ho Kim, Director, Global Frontier R&D Center for Hybrid Interface Materials and Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea for his contribution on "Hybrid‐interface Materials" as well as the interesting introduction to the New R&D Center for Hybrid Interface Materials (HIM) granted via Global Frontier program by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP). We additionally thank Prof. Dr. Sang-Wook Han for his contribution on "The Role of XAFS in Materials Analysis" and fruitful discussions on X-ray absorption spectroscopy, x-ray and neutron scattering techniques.

Prof. Dr. Olivier Guillon

We thank Prof Dr. Olivier Guillon for his talk on "Ceramic Materials and Systems for Energy Applications"- from advanced thermal and environmental barrier coatings, solid oxide fuel cells, to gas separation membranes and all-solid-state batteries. In addition, his participation in the student round table was highly appreciated.

Prof. Dr. Michael Veith

We thank our special guest Prof. Dr. Michael Veith for his contribution to the Materials Science Lecture Series on "Composites of Metallic and Oxide Phases and Their Applications" and his participation at the student round table.

Dr. Motoyuki Iijima

Dr. Motoyuki Iijima and his students from the Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University , Japan

Materials Science Lecture on "Controlling Stability of Functional Nanoparticles in Organic Solvents and Polymeric Materials: From Homogeneous Dispersion to Nano‐scale Alignment"

Materials Science Lecture Symposium

Materials Science Lecture Symposium:

Prof. Dr. Danilo Suvorov from the "Advanced Materials Department, Jožef Stefan Institute", Ljubljana, Slovenia on "Tailoring of Microstructure in Layered Cobaltates and Perovskite Manganates: Oxide Candidates for p- and n-type Thermoelectrics"

Prof. Dr. Hua-Tay Lin from the "School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Guangdong University of Technology", Guangzhou, China on "Guangdong Innovation and Entrepreneurial Research Team Program on Advanced Manufacturing of Technical Ceramics"

Thank you for these interesting talks and a great discussion during our students talk!

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  • Prof. Dr. Danilo Suvorov and Prof. Dr. Hua-Tay Lin