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Announcement: Prof. Tohru Sekino will give a talk about Materials Tuning of Titania-based Nanostructures for Advanced Multifunctionalities

Thank you Prof. Karppinen

This was an amazing insight in the potential of the combined method of atomic and molecular layer deposition for the formation of hybrid materials. We learned a lot and we are very thankful to our speaker Prof. Dr. Maarit Karppinen (https://people.aalto.fi/maarit.karppinen#publications). We wish you all the best and are looking forward to see you again! Thank you very much!

Annoucement: Prof. Maarit Karppinen will give a talk about: Layer-engineered inorganic-organic hybrid materials by ALD/MLD


Announcement: Dr. Eva Hemmer will give a talk on Ln(III) based Materials and Molecules: A Versatile Optical Landscape

Congratulations to Prof. Sanjay Mathur on the new role as chair of the AAC

Prof. Dr. Sanjay Mathur- New chair of the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) of the MRS

The presidential line of the MRS has recently announced that Prof. Sanjay Mathur will take on the role as chair of the AAC for the next three years.

"Sanjay brings with him a tremendous amount of energy and passion for student engagement in MRS, particularly in the areas of diversity and international engagement. We are very excited that he has accepted this position and we look forward to seeing the continued evolution of AAC particularly with the increased focus the society has on engaging the student and academic communities." Sean Hearne,  MRS President

The AAC works to enhance the education of materials students and encourages student interactions in MRS activities (https://www.mrs.org/academic-affairs-committee).

Excited MRS University Chapter Cologne Delegation lead by Prof. Mathur at a successful MRS Spring Meeting in Pheonix, Arizona

2018 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

Thank you for the nice talk Dr. Sophia Dembski!

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We really appreciated your visit and the great talk in which you showed the full impressive range of work done at the Translation Center Regenerative Therapies TLC-RT which is part of the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC in Würzburg.

Announcement: Dr. Sofia Demski will give a talk about the Fraunhofer Translational Center Regenerative Therapies where Biology meets Materials

Thank you for this very impressive talk, Prof. Padture!

We very much enjoyed the talk by Prof. Nitin Padture on Perovskite Solar Cells!

come and join us on January 17, in room 414 (Inorganic Chemistry) at 10 am

Announcement: Prof. Nitin P. Padture will give a talk on Synthesis, Processing, and Microstructural Tailoring of Halide Perovskite Thin Films for Large-Area, Efficient, and Stable Solar Cells

Thank you Dr. Fabio Di Fonzo!

We really enjoyed listening to the very comprehensive talk by Dr. Fabio Di Fonzo about Nanomaterials for CO2 neutral energy systems.

Announcement: Dr. Fabio Di Fonzo will give a talk on Nanomaterials for CO2 neutral energy systems